Advanced Delivery Systems in Las Vegas is an experienced and dependable medical courier service, providing fast and private deliveries within many sectors of the medical industry. We are HIPAA compliant and certified, which means sensitive information is safe in our hands. We value the privacy and security of sensitive medical information above all else.

Medical Transport Services in Las Vegas

We regularly service many locations within hospitals and medical facilities, including

  • Pharmacies
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Operating Rooms
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Nursing Departments

Experienced Medical Courier Service

We have experience with Home Health Agencies and or Pharmacies, Medical Laboratories, Medical Clinics, Doctor’s Groups, Retail and Wholesale Pharmacies, Medical Supply Companies, Dental Facilities, Urgent Care Facilities to name a few. We know this area of our business is very important and like our healthcare partners, it is our daily goal to provide patients with the best service possible to ensure that they are receiving superior care and treatment while in the hands of our providers.